M.A.C. Transport, Inc. has a foundation that has been pressed down and shaken together for five generations over the course of eight decades.
Our M.A.C. family/team refuses to settle for merely ordinary service or results.  That is why at M.A.C. Transport, Inc. you will find us committed to delivering extraordinary service for our customers by going the extra mile to get the job done right.

At M.A.C., teamwork is always an essential part of who we are.

Why? For starters, horsepower and teamwork go hand in hand. Did you know that the power of one horse pulling alone can move @ 4500 pounds? While it may seem that two would pull 9000 pounds, that’s not the case. When working together they have enough power to move over 11,000 pounds! That’s what teamwork does.

Together we can accomplish extraordinary things!

Speaking of Extraordinary Things …

The M.A.C. team has received both National and Workplace Safety Awards for the past 7 years and running!

Opportunities for Diversity and Equality in Michigan’s Supply Chain.

At M.A.C., we ship a great deal of freight, much of it in boxes.  While it’s our job to know what’s inside those boxes, we also have a responsibility to think outside the box. When companies work with minority, disadvantaged or diverse people and suppliers they are contributing to greater job creation, increasing healthy competition and building resilience in local economies.